Berlin: Markthalle IX: Street Food Thursday

Markthalle IX or Market House 9 is an indoor market located near the U1 U-bahn station Gorlitzer.  To get there, you walk through a little park that has a church in it.

After you get to the end of the park, there is a lovely colorful setting of chairs, bikes and people enjoying food from a cafe.

After one more block, you are there! The bikes of the people inside are lined up along the streets.

You enter a stone building with a great big arch.   Depending on when you go, it could be completely packed, or you could have plenty of room to breath.  There are red and white striped tents that the different vendors have. Strings of Christmas lights are hung around the tents and over them to create a festive and almost-outdoor-market feel.

There are plenty of places to sit down and eat inside.  Sometimes it gets too crowded and people enjoy their food outside.

There is even a little playground inside for children.  This photo was taken when it was really busy, so it is hard to see.

After you get a feel for the atmosphere, it is time to walk around and figure out what to eat.  I recommend just walking around (multiple time)  to see what food options are available.

There are several vendors that sell cheeses, others sell meats, and even more sell wine, beer, mixed drinks, tea and coffee.  One vendor in particular sells tapas.  You get a tray with pieces of cured meats, cheeses, fish, and olives.

Each vendor sells something different.  For meals, there are plenty of assembled meals to buy.  For vegans, this is paradise.  There are multiple food stations dedicated to vegan food.

Mediterranean Street Food Platters from a Vendor

Meat eaters, do not despair, there is plenty for you to eat.  There is a vendor that sells fish (menu below)  There is also a supposedly amazing bbq vendor.  They have baked potatoes, beef brisket, pork belly and other barbequed meats.

After that, there are plenty of asian food vendors.  This is one particular Taiwanese vendor that served Taiwanese burgers.

I decided to order one of the burgers.  They have an original with pork belly, and a “skinny” version with chicken.  When I was there, they had already sold out of the chicken.  So, being on the pork belly!

After assembling it for me, it was time to get what was mine.

The final product.  It was soooo good. It is hard to tell what it is from the photo because they put on a lot of cilantro, just the way I like it.  This was definitely fabulous.  I would recommend it to anyone.  The pork belly was fabulous, and incredibly tender.  I am sure the chicken version would be very good as well.  And as a bonus, if you order the chicken version, your belly will not look like a pig’s belly!

That was not the only kind of exotic food that was there.  There was also a korean place that sold kimchi.

There was some latin american food as well.

There was also an African food vendor.  In addition to that, there were two vendors that sold pies.  Now, by pies, I do not mean american pies, like apple pie.  I mean pies from the United Kingdom:  Steak and ale pies, apple and pork pies, and more.  If anyone is missing there British food, hop on down and get some good old hardy pies.

There was this place that served cups of food.  There layout always looks so nice.  The photos below are of the same vendor, but on different nights.

My friend and I both got a cup from this vendor.  The savory cups were 3 euros while the sweet cups were 3.5 euros.  Below is a photo of another friend holding the cups we got.  The savory cup has potatoes and herbs in the bottom, with speck in the middle and a pumpkin puree on top.  This was then garnished with a potato chip.

For dessert, there were plenty of other options.  From pastries and cookies, to mango lassies, to mint-lemon iced tea and cucumber ginger ale, to apple cobbler and cheese cake, to sorbet, ice cream and gelato, you can hardly go wrong.

Below is the stand that sold the Lemon-mint iced tea, and some apple crumble.

Overall, it was a fabulous market.  I definitely recommend it.  It would be good for friends to hand out.  It is also a perfect place for a date.

This market is every Thursday from 5-10pm or as the Europeans like to say, 17:00 to 22:00.  There are other markets located at this place.  This information is specific to the street food market.  Have fun!!

Hours: 17:00-22:00

Address:  Eisenbahnstraße 42, 10997 Berlin

Berlin: Street Art on a Car

So, I saw this when I was walking, and I just had to stop and take photos.  This is the type of street art that I love.  It is interesting, cute, amusing, and it does not property damage (I am assuming that the person who did it did it with the consent of the cars owner.)  I just had to share this.  It just made me smile.


So, anyways, I am walking down the street and I see this old car parked on the side of the road, like any other car.  Then, I see little figurines painted on the car.   It just made me laugh!


Look at some of them.  You have a broken down car painted on the front of a car.  The tire is busted, the car has been jacked up and one person is replacing the tire while the other is looking under the hood of the car.


The person front center is standing on his head and seems to be having a really good time, while on one side, a person looks like he has a headache and is kneeling while the person on the other side is just chilling.



Take your time and look closely at all of these little images.  The closer you look, the more interesting and amusing they are.


It is the little things of a city that give the city its character.  Things like this just make me love Berlin.


York: Traditional Afternoon High Tea at Betty’s

York is apparently home to the High Tea.  It is not that High Tea was invented here, but rather that this is the place to get High Tea in England.  After doing a bit of research, I found that the most famous place to get High Tea in York is at Betty’s.  Since I am Betty, that decided it!!

My friend had to put up with a lot from me.  You see, I was so excited about this.  This is what I had been looking forward to for at least a month.  So of course, she had to deal with me taking photos, and I made her take photos of me.  She was a really good sport.

A photo taken by yours truly.

We both already knew what we were going to order.  We were getting their Betty’s Traditional Afternoon Tea.  All we needed to decided what what type or flavor tea we should have with it.  Actually, we were informed that we could have the Afternoon tea with a choice of Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate, even though it only said tea on the menu.  But I am a purist, and I LOVE tea.  Plus, I feel like coffee and hot chocolate would be too much for the delicate flavors of everything else.

Me reading the menu!!

The tea came in a lovely silver plated (I am assuming it is plated) tea set.

Me after our tea had arrived.

Once our food came, served in a trio of plates on a stand.  As tradition dictates, you work from the bottom up.  We started with the sandwiches.  There were four types:

Scottish Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese

Roast Yorkshire Ham

Roast Free-Range Chicken Breast

Egg, Mayonnaise and Cress

The scone was a sultana scone.  Sultanas are a really good type of golden raisin.  The scone was served with Yorkshire clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Look at the scrumptious food!!

We were so full and warm by the end of it.  It really was lovely.  After that, it was time to head back into York, and explore.  But, before we did that, we had to pick something else up for the friend who dropped us off at the wall on her way to the train station.  She was planning on joining us that evening.  We ended up getting a marzipan pig from their little shop on the first story.

She ended up being silly, and we took a photo of it.

I wanted to get something special for my grandmother.  She would have loved it.  I was named Betty after her.  My grandmother and I would cook together and drink lots of tea together.  I thought about her a lot that day and how she would love it there.  I wanted to give her something special from the place.  I figured the tea would get old in that time.  There was a cookbook, but it was fairly expensive, and I had already purchased a book that day.  I did not have room for anything else.  I ended up purchasing a post card and I mailed it to her.

We had an absolutely fabulous time.


46 Stonegate

+44 (0)1904 622865

York: The Afternoon: Exploring the Shops

York is fabulous.  There were so many unique and creative shops.  A lot of these shops were located in “The Shambles,” an area that looked like something out of a Harry Potter movie.  The houses looked like they were going to spill into the streets!


Entering The Shambles


Actually in the Shambles



There were so many little tea shops, craft shops, just see for yourself!


This store was styled in the way that my friend envision her house would be styled in.  It was a beautiful hodgepodge of precious and colorful items.


See, she is in heaven!

This store even had the table made up for a mix-n-match china tea party!





Everything was rustic chic.  It looked like a really cute cottage.



In the front of the store, there was an arts and crafts section that sold ribbons, buttons, fabric, wrapping paper and more!



My friend again in heaven again!  In this photo she is completely amazed at how awesome the place was!!



This one below is a part of the store where my friend bought her Rose Black Tea.  All of the little jars are samples of some of the flavors of tea they had.  This was where you could open any of the jars and smell the tea.



We walked around the town and took in the sights.  There was an outdoor flower market, a square that had musicians performing, and several churches.  There were also lots of very cute clothing shops as well and many other tea shops.  It was absolutely lovely.

Cardiff: All in a day

I’m picking up riding again, and what better place to do it than in the United Kingdom.   In order to prepare for my first lesson, there were a couple of things I needed to buy:  boots, britches, crop and gloves.  You can rent helmets.  Outside of Cardiff, there is a giant equine supply store called Robinsons.  It is in Taff Wells.  Google maps said it was 4.8 miles away.  If this was the United States, I would hop into my car and be there in 10 minutes.  I could walk there, but that would take an hour and 40 minutes of walking accord to omniscient Google, and then I would have to walk back.  Public transportation, i. e., waking and the train, takes 40 minutes to get there.  A 13 minute walk to the train station, a 12 minute train ride and then a 16 minute walk to get to Robinsons.  I decided to write all the directions down and look up specific train times.  I figured while I was there, I should look around.  I Googled shops near Taff Wells Train Station, and viola! I found a store called Hoss Equine which sold second hand riding boots and the like in addition to new apparel.  To top it all off, Hoss Equine was a 4 minute walk from the station instead of a 16 minute one like Robinsons.  So, I woke up at 8:00, took my time getting around and left my room at about 9:10am.  I made it to the store by 9:40, they gave me a cup of tea and had finished purchasing everything I needed by 10:15.  I had planned on my shopping trip taking more time and the rest of the day was dedicated to exploring the area, so I asked them what they recommended.  According to them, there was nothing in this town, but I could hop on the train to LLandaff and see the cathedral.  Also, there was a pretty little tea shop at the top of the hill that I would stop into.
                I took the train to Llandaff and asked the next woman I could find how to get to the cathedral.  I was informed that it was a 30 minute walk and was pointed in the correct direction.   I asked several women along the way how to get there, and they were more than pleased to guide me along my way.  The reason why I asked women is simple.  I am a female with relatively no strength in an unfamiliar town in a new country who does not know where they are going and I am alone.  All of this you can determine by looking at me and talking to me as my accent is obvious.  I feel safer with an elderly woman knowing all this than a man knowing this.  The walk was beautiful and the cathedral was too.   On the way, I saw a bike path that was along the river.  It reminded me of my parents.
The river and the Cathedral Tower
 camera 002
The bike path along the river
camera 003
Once you get near the cathedral, there is a square.
 camera 010
 At the corner of the square is a staircase that descends to the base of the church.
camera 012
camera 015
The church is open to visitors.
camera 030
Once I arrived, a woman greeter decided to take me under her wing once she found out I was from New York.  She told me about the history of the cathedral, pointed out the different pieces that had been added throughout the centuries and told me about a the organ recital that would be given that afternoon.  Yes, it was 11am and the recital would be at 2pm, but I decided to stay.
 camera 019 camera 024
 The oldest thing in the church was a celtic cross dating back to an older church on the same spot.
camera 022
In 1941 a German bomb landed near the church, causing the tower to fall on the roof, which knocked the room down.  You can still see the crater left from the bomb and the memorial that stands on it.
camera 031
camera 041
After the cathedral, I inquired about the tea shop and headed there to pass the time, warm up, and have lunch.
camera 031
 camera 033
camera 032 The concert was very good.  There was the Organ Club meeting followed by the recital/lecture.  In between every piece played, a speaker would give an in-depth history about a part of the construction of the organ.  A lecture also spoke about the history of all the organs that had been in the cathedral.  Talking about organ pressure, acoustic shadows and the mechanics of the organ was very interesting. The organ currently had 4,000+ pipes.
camera 007

Cardiff, finally.

Cardiff.  We arrived safely in Cardiff.  We went through immigration, got our student visas and picked up our luggage.  I was never so happy to see it in my life.  We walked through customs.  It was strange.  They had us fill out no forms or declare anything.  In fact, we followed the signs to customs and they led us to the airport exit.  We picked up our room keys, set up internet successfully (or most of us did) and went to Tesco to purchase necessities.  At the door, we were greeted by people giving us full cups of Chobani yogurt.  It was a new product here and they were pushing it.  I ended up buying some because it was reduced price AND buy-one-get-one free.

Since we had signed up for university bedding (duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow cover, fitted sheet, towel and hand towel), all I purchased was toiletries, tissues, toilet paper, detergent, cleaner, butternut squash, bananas, milk, cereal, sparkling Perry and of course a pay-as-you-go phone.  It came out to £65 including the phone.  I thought I did very well.

That night, we went out to dinner with our professor from the states to The North Star ( ).  It was very good.  I ordered the mussels for my appetizer and the pork with scalloped potatoes, and apple & onion chutney.  I ordered Rekorderlig pear cider to go with my entrée.  It was very good.  We then walked back to our rooms and slept for the first time in Cardiff, Wales, UK.