Berlin: My Desk and Roses

So, for all my friends and family who are reading this, this is a little bit about my room, or more specifically, my desk.

My favorite thing about my room is how white it is.  The walls are white, my desk is white, the bed frame is white, my sheets are white and the curtains are white.  This makes it a very bright room.

Having a job means that I do not have to do homework outside of the office.  This means that my desk can be whatever I want it to be.  Hopefully, you can gleam a little insight on what my life is right now by my desk and what I tack above it.

There are no books there.  This is because my books are not on my desk but in another location.

I also have a painting that I purchased in Skala, Kefalonia, Greece when I was there in May of this year, 2013.

Roses are not something I keep.  I do not have enough money to spare right now to keep roses in my room.  You see, I would rather take the money I could spend on flowers and spend it exploring Berlin, especially since I spend very little time in my room.  These flowers were a gift.  I was given 14 white roses by someone who says he likes me, but does not speak English.  I tried to refuse them, but he would not let me.   But roses are roses, and after I took them, I might as well enjoy them.  They really are beautiful.

(Do not worry, the man who gave them to me will not read this.  He does not know my name.)

I put them in a vase and put them in my desk.  They looked so pretty there.  It does make you feel special when you get roses, regardless of the circumstances.

The next thing I had to do was add all the opera tickets and stuff to my desk.  You see, each thing pinned to my desk represents something.

  • The rainbow flag was actually something I picked up off the street after an LBGTQ Pride Festival.  I did not go to the festival, but I saw it and decided to hang it up in my wall.  The colors are beautiful.  Rainbows represent rebirth and new beginnings.  Berlin is all about rebirth and new beginnings.
  • The Opern Chore leaflet is the program from a concert I went to at the Berlin Philharmonic.
  • The ice cream postcard was from the Turkish Market.
  • The green and white ticket is from the Opera Lohengrin performed by the Welsh National Opera.
  • The very small white and gold ticket is from The Great Gatsby.  I saw it in Berlin when I went out with soon-to-be friends for the first time.
  • The Blue card at the bottom with the hearts and the french and german flag is from the French and German Festival, that I still need to write a blog post on.
  • The black and grey schedule is a running schedule that I am trying to keep to.
  • The painting I purchased in greece as I explained above.
  • The fortune cookie fortune reads “YOU’LL HAVE A LOT OF FUN NEXT WEEKEND.”  The fortunes many not be great in Germany, but at least the fortune was in English.
  • The ten red and white tickets are tickets to operas at the Komische Oper in Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin.



Maybe this will give you more insight into my life in Berlin, maybe it will not.  Oh, well, if the latter is the case, sorry for wasting your time.