Berlin: Street Art is not Graffiti

I have always hated graffiti.  Graffiti is a form of vandalism.  I still believe that.  There is a difference between street art and graffiti.  The problem is, this difference is subjective.

One of the reasons why I am against graffiti is because it damages property.  You are painting on other peoples space, and it serves no purpose.  It is essentially vandalism.  The below photo is what I would call graffiti and vandalism.  Some poor government worker is going to have to scrub that off the wall.  The state of Germany, AKA taxpayers are going to have to pay for it.  This adds no aesthetic value and is simply teenagers writing their initials on a wall because they think it makes them look cool.  If you want to do this, do it on your own space, and do not make anyone else pay for it.

This photo below, was taken from a U-bahn stop.  You are looking out the glass window and seeing what people spray painted on another building from the roof.  I have no idea what it says, but at least it is more aesthetically pleasing than the last one.

This was spray painted onto the side of a church.

This was on a metal wall which was near the Warschauer Strasse U + S Bahn station.

This was on an old abandoned industrial building that turned into a club by the train tracks near the Warschauer Strasse U + S Bahn station.  The building owners, I am sure do not care about the painting on their walls.  In fact, I think they actually prefer it to be there.  It helps attract their clientele.  The thing is, I would consider this Street Art.  It does no one harm, and it is actually really cool.  A 3 story portrait of 2 people.  This is reminiscent of the East Side Gallery that displays street art painted onto the Berlin Wall.

The thing is, I am confused.  I like some of it, think some of it is vandalism and do not know how to categorize the rest of it.  The jury is out.  All I know it that sometimes, when I see something really cool, I can only categorize it as Street Art.  There are districts in Berlin that have a lot of these types of large cohesive images painted on the sides of buildings.

I suppose as long as it does not hurt anyone, cost other people money to fix, damage the building, or make it aesthetically unpleasing, then no harm is done.  Right?